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often mind cells are destroyed and do not grow again.Neuro Smart IQ However, recuperation is feasible, because different cells might also take over the paintings of these that have been misplaced. Damage to the brain stem may additionally result in lack of attention. Damage to the occipital lobe can also motive blindness. Harm to the frontal lobes may cause a change in character. If simplest one frontal lobe is injured, no substantive impact may additionally result. However, a scar may additionally broaden and irritate the mind cells close to it. These cells may additionally then come to be too energetic and can motive convulsions or epileptic suits. Damage to the relevant place of one hemisphere consequences in paralysis of the other facet of the frame. Some instances of brain injury result in intellectual deficiencies, including feeble-mindedness, or intellectual illness. But, frequently in intellectual illness, no brain tissue damage may be discovered. Concussions at the brain, bruises the brain. We have to carefully do not .

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