What Are The Different Types Of Attraction That You May Have?

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Do you know about the different types of attraction? If no, go through this article. Here we will talk about the secret signs of love.
A boy meets girls. She attracts him a lot. The boy starts feeling for her. He expresses his feelings and they both start living a happy love life. However, he develops a mixed feeling – made of kindness, compassion, care, respect, and equanimity.
Now, The Question Is – Whether It Was An Attraction or Love? And, What Hits Your Mind When We Talk About Attraction? Have You Ever Think of Different Types of Attraction?
Love and attraction are the two most confusing terms. People often misunderstand their love for someone as attraction and vice-versa. In the above case, it was an attraction because there are thousands of girls but the boy falls in love with that girl. But why? The answer is simple, he was either attracted to her physique, appearance, or else.

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